Fire Assay Analysis

The fire-assay procedure is an age-old practice and is most widely accepted as the standard in the jewelry industry when determining the gold and silver content. Making APM superior with our speed and accuracy is our state-of-the-art analytical department. We perform three separate fire assays with each individual lot. To insure the maximum returns, we utilize our two-step process of fire assay and X-ray Fluorescence. I.C.P. technology is also used to determine the platinum group metals contained in the melt. All our gold and silver bearing alloys, grains, solders, wire and sheet are fire assayed to assure their precious metal content. A certificate of analysis is also provided for each and every batch of product manufactured at United.

ICP Measurement for Precious Metals

The ICP equipment is a sophisticated high precision instrument used to measure any combination of metals to parts-per-million levels of accuracy. Extremely small traces of metals can be detected using this equipment. At APM, we use the ICP equipment to determine all precious metals content in refining lots to parts-per-million levels so our customers can get the maximum return on their refining materials. All Platinum Group metals and alloys are also analyzed using the ICP equipment.

X-Ray Fluorescence Testing

The X-ray fluorescence is a non-destructive process and hence, it is used for applications where there is a need to maintain the integrity of the sample. All raw materials and products such as alloys, solders, sterling silver and gold bearing alloys are first tested in X-Ray Fluorescence equipment. At United, an analysis using XRF is done using three different kinds of XRF equipment where each instrument specializes in measuring a specific combination of metals. A strict quality control on silicon level is maintained using one of these instruments. A preliminary scan of various levels of elements in a refining lot are first determined using the XRF equipment. Solder sheets are scanned for uniform distribution of gold so that each solder piece has the correct amount of gold and other ingredients.

Analyze samples quickly and accurately with results available in seconds rather than the hours or days it can take for a traditional testing laboratory. When you need an analyzer for metal alloy analysis, the Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL3p+ XRF Analyzer provides nondestructive elemental analysis of virtually all metal alloys for scrap metal recycling, casting and fabrication, manufacturing and positive material identification

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