Analytical Services for Precious Metals

Our refining customers as well as our product customers benefit from APM advanced analytical services laboratory. Fire assay, x-ray analysis and ICP are all used to detect payable metals in a refining lot and as quality control so you know each jewelry manufacturing product you buy from APM is pure and free of any dangerous metals like cadmium.We continually strive to provide testing services that meet or exceed the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, and to satisfy the needs of the customers, regulatory authorities and organizations providing recognition.

We are committed to providing professional practices of safe and reliable chemical analysis.

Quality control is an integral part of all of the corporation’s management testing. It is not a separate element or function; each and every aspect of the day-to-day operations and services of the corporation shall be conducted in accordance with the quality policies. There are no exceptions to this commitment. Each and every employee, including management, is expected to understand and work towards our quality commitment. Success requires satisfied customers. Our Quality Management System reflects the corporation’s total commitment to achieving the goal of meeting the needs of our customers efficiently and safely.

We value your inputs, so please share your thoughts with us about how we can further improve the quality of our services.

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