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Tuggex Gems specialises in the mining and marketing of gemstones including emeralds and rubies from some of the finest sources in Kenya. We are proud of our leadership position and continually work to improve the awareness and delivery of sustainability within our industry all the way through to the end consumer.

Our Goal

It’s our goal to operate in a way that contributes positively to national economy, takes a leading role in modernising the coloured gemstone sector and building lasting, sustainable livelihoods for the communities around our mines. We believe that coloured gemstones should be mined and marketed by championing three key values – legitimacy, transparency and integrity.


We go over and above accepted practices operating in a way that not only meets international and national laws, but that also challenges the sector by setting new benchmarks around sustainability.


To lead we must be transparent. As well as leading with our own standards and initiatives through our downstream supply chain, we are working with partners to standardise strong, transparent practices across the industry.


We are committed to embedding tangible operational actions from the mines onwards, to support sales and marketing of our product. Our proprietary grading system provides our partners with trusted evaluation and declaration of treatment.

Our Approach

Before starting any full scale mining operations, we work with the relevant authorities to carry out environmental impact assessments and engage with the communities as to our plans. Our approach is based on balancing what we take out with the need and desire to put something back.

Whether that’s protecting the environment, building lasting community legacies or creating a safe working environment we will only be able to operate year-on-year for the full life of the mine by securing a social licence to operate. To ensure we operate at the highest standards in this regard, we align our approach to the broader strategic aims of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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